Vaping Serenity: Building the Ultimate Haven for Enthusiasts

Vaping Serenity: Building the Ultimate Haven for Enthusiasts

With a CDC warning, White House concern and thousands of mysterious lung illnesses, young people’s vaping is at the center of two intertwined public health crises. We talked to teens to understand their experiences with nicotine.

Brooklyn Johnson, 20, bought a Juul this summer on a whim. She vapes a pod a week and thinks she should stop.

Why Vape Haven?

Vaping is a much healthier form of ‘smoking’ than smoking tobacco cigarette smoke which contains tar, carcinogens and chemicals that can be damaging to the body. Vapers are also able to enjoy a wide variety of fruit and dessert flavours that would be impossible or impractical for smokers.

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Moreover, the business collaborates with local smoking cessation programs and healthcare professionals to provide additional support for individuals who are seeking to quit smoking, contributing to a smoke-free community. As such, the business is well-positioned for future success and growth. When the time comes for Mr. Anderson to retire, he will develop a succession plan that ensures that the company will continue operating in accordance with its mission and values.

How to Vape Haven

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What to Expect

Participants reported both active and passive engagement with local and international vaping groups and forums to discuss their experiences, exchange information and obtain new knowledge. This was a way for them to develop a sense of belonging and social inclusion.

Some participants became heavily invested in vaping as a hobby and a status symbol, whereby their device was an extension of themselves. Others identified as ‘vape missionaries’ who aimed to help smokers become accustomed to a more healthy alternative which offered greater satisfaction and had spectacular positive effects on their health.

Several participants were tobacco smokers who had tried and failed to quit smoking using various methods such as cold turkey, hypnotherapy and nicotine replacement and drug therapies. They saw themselves as victims of an addictive and dangerous habit who had the courage to investigate a potential way out which was cheaper, healthier and less harmful. They were also incredibly grateful for having found such a life-changing method.